“Meet Alexandru Popescu. This 46-year-old antiquarian and farmer walked 3150 km from Romania to Brussels, to deliver one message to the European Parliament: No fracking, no cyanide!

While the Romanian government tries to impose environmentally dangerous projects with irreversible effects not only on the environment but also on people’s health, Alexandru Popescu chooses to become the messenger of Romania’s civil society by bringing the situation of his country into the public eye.

Alexandru actively protested against the RMGC cyanide gold mining project in Rosia Montana, and against the initiation of shale gas exploration/exploitation in Pungesti. Now, he aims to awaken the awareness of the civil society in all the countries he is passing through on his way to Brussels.

His message for the Europeans is that every single citizen must become conscious that the development, in any European state, of projects using environmental irreversible impact technologies, such as hydraulic fracturing and cyanide, will affect one way or another (food imports, climate change, growing lack of water, growing desertification, air and water pollution) every European.

Come and listen to his story, and join the discussion! Mihaela Popescu, also activist and expert on Frackfree Movements, will translate and give additional info with a European perspective. Dr. F.M. Köhne, associate professor in the Sociology of Development and Change group, will join us for a reflection on the shale gas situation in The Netherlands and make a comparison with Romanian activism.”

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